Digital Entrepreneurship

Starting an e-commerce business

The A-Z of building you own successful online store.


The biggest market in the history of global commerce

e-commerce is a mega-size, express-growth, world-wide market which is getting bigger and bigger every day due to increase in internet users, rapid mobile phone penetration, proliferation of e-commerce platforms and availability of a range of internet-connected devices (PC, Tab, Mobile).

  • Powerful medium capable of covering entire world population
  • Extremely attractive for new and existing businesses
  • More and more consumers are buying online
  • Market growing at break-neck speed of 70-80% per year

Grab this extraordinary opportunity. Start your very own succesful online store with unimaginable profit potential.


Egopo is a USA-based global e-commerce specialist dedicated to helping you take advantage of extraordinary business opportunities by transforming you into a digital entrepreneur. Egopo will provide extensive training in the online business and will work with you to help you capture business opportunities through the ‘egopo budget shoppe’ - a multi-channel, multi-resource e-commerce platform.

Egopo brings rich experience and capabilities in e-commerce to give you unmatched start-up advantages. Its revolutionary e-commerce platform is designed to create high growth business opportunities for small and medium enterprises. At the heart of the paradigm is the Hecom initiative which is aimed at creating successful digital entrepreneurs. Egopo through its Digital entrepreneurship workshops, provides you this life time opportunity where you can leverage on the global expansion of the internet, stand out in the crowd and have a web based business experience. We work with the mission to provide advanced internet solutions at an affordable price.

Attend our
Workshop on Digital Entrepreneurship

Become a Digital Entrepreneur and master the A-Z of e-commerce business success!

Who should attend?
Aspiring entrepreneurs dreaming of a bright future
Existing businessmen seeking more revenue/growth
e-commerce enthusiasts interested in starting an online store
Anyone with free time who wishes to earn extra income
(Professionals, Businessmen, Students, Graduates)

Workshop Pre-requisites:

Basic knowledge of Windows, Internet and reasonable English Language skills.

If you are serious about creating wealth while working at your convenience, Egopo Digital Entrepreneurship Development Workshops are the right career and life choice! The workshops help in understanding how the internet can be an additional source of income and how a strong online presence can generate increased revenue and profits to a business. The workshop covers digital marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and other topics to help you master Internet Entrepreneurship.

Why Attend?

Workshop Takeaways

  • Be-business-ready: launch your own e-commerce business
  • Understand the important trends driving e-commerce
  • Acquire the skills necessary to be a successful digital entrepreneur
  • Discover the tools to build a responsive e-commerce website
  • Know the marketing techniques to grow/expand your business
  • Discover working strategies to accelerate sales
  • Acquire the skills to improve existing business using social media
  • Learn how to create multiple revenue channels for better profits
  • Know how to build a powerful e-com website with best user experience
  • Complete, step-by-step training to bring you up to speed with the market

Gain a basic understanding, knowledge of :

  • Internet as a channel for substantial additional income with minimum investment
  • Importance of websites and the features that make a website popular
  • Value of online presence, online tools ( websites, videos, images & networks)
  • Social media marketing, search engine ranking methodologies
  • Over a dozen simple online business ideas and profitable insights
  • Overall insight into the power of digital media
  • Course material for future reference

Training Methodologies:

  • Power point presentations, Audio, Video, Games, Case Studies, Group Discussions, Presentations etc.
  • Follow-up support for next 12 months | Monthly one-on-one consultation

What is included in the Workshop ?

  • Course Material | Certificate of course completion
  • Daily refreshment and lunch during Workshop
  • Pre-workshop face-face counseling for 2 hrs at our office
  • 12 months post-workshop support by the Egopo team


Understanding e-commerce:

Market dynamics | Global trends | Growth potential Operational Tools | Revenue channels | Profit strategies

Setting up the business:

Building and launching the website | Post launch | Marketing

Marketing Strategies:

Driving traffic to store | Converting traffic to sales | Optimizing conversions | Google Analytics | Video Marketing | FB | Instagram | Powerful Testimonials | e-mailers | Blog | PR

Growing the business:

Increasing revenue from existing customers | Gaining new customers | Increasing the average order value | Selling through new channels

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