The Opportunity

Hecom is a radical initiative of egopo aimed at creating digital entrepreneurs by leveraging the explosive business potential of e-commerce. Every digital entrepreneur who embraces human commerce thus become a Hecom and represents an emerging business opportunity today, by virtue of the phenomenal growth of online commerce. Through the Hecom initiative, Egopo supports startups in building successful online businesses. Hecoms can enjoy incredible business opportunities through Egopo’s tie-up with leading e-commerce players. The best route to being promoting is being someone they trust and regard as a friend

E-Commerce Market

The Indian e-commerce market is going great guns and is opening the doors to unprecedented business potential as products and service providers embrace e-commerce to capture a wider market. The spectacular growth in business from non-metros (Tier-2 & Tier-3 cities) via the mobile channel, in the context of the rapid penetration of mobile phones and internet, validates the extraordinary business opportunity in the booming e-commerce market.

  • India is the fastest growing e-commerce market in Asia-Pacific region
  • e-commerce market growing at a break-neck speed of 70-80% per year
  • Market projected to shoot up from $ 16 billion in 2013 to $ 56 billion in 2023
  • Online transactions expected to fly from 11 million in 2011 to 38 million in 2015
  • Global online retail market slated to hit the $ 1.6 trillion mark by 2018

Digital Entrepreneurship

We at egopo are well-placed to leverage this exceptional opportunity through our revolutionary e-commerce paradigm - a franchise-driven, user-friendly e-tail engine striving to customize, localize and optimize online demand for superior results. Egopo’s game changing e-commerce model empowered by a local call centre, service centre and delivery centre enables heightened online business across multiple branded products and categories for its franchisees, besides providing access to leading e-commerce platforms and ensuring multiple revenue channels. At the heart of our business model is our profound vision to provide every Indian an opportunity to be a HECOM or a Digital Entrepreneur and realize the dream of becoming a successful businessman.

How it works

Egopo offer turnkey portals for aspiring digital entrepreneurs who successfully complete the workshops and can demonstrate their resourcefulness to the eco-system. Our soon-to-be launched online portal acts as a one-stop platform for not just our workshop participants, but aspiring digital entrepreneurs across the globe to access the portal and instantly start an online business.

Egopo excels at enabling the distinctive e-commerce driven digital entrepreneurship opportunity. It has built a comprehensive service enhanced by the shortest possible time to launch a complete online store/business through the customized and integrated e-commerce platform with powerful services including inventory facilitation, 24/7 service support, multimedia branding campaigns and customer loyalty programs. It's an invaluable, integrated and highly affordable solution for small retail startups and e-commerce business enthusiasts.


  • Compelling business strategy aimed at bringing success to entrepreneurs
  • Lifelong, high-potential business | Profit sharing model
  • Customized ecomm Web solutions, Cloud Server, COD & MPOS services, IP call centre
  • player in the worldwide market.
  • AL virtual entrepreneur stationery and automation | virtual entrepreneur
  • Advertising & branding support | Training and workshops

Unmatched advantage

Establishing a new e-commerce company requires a structured, meticulously planned business approach to reaching out to customers and tapping potential demand. It’s all about improving your chances of achieving success as a start-up. Importantly, it demands huge investments. But with Egopo, the beauty of the e-commerce model is that it is all done for you. You get a fully-functional, ready-to-go website with a full range of products as well as access to leading e-commerce platforms at a fraction of the cost. It’s a complete package at a nominal, value-for-money investment. All you need to do is to invest your resources and passion and experience success.